Monday, March 06, 2006

Live from Manchester's Night N Day Cafe

Welcome to Episode No. 2 of Real Fresh TV's 3 Minute Gig!

Recorded live at the Night and Day Cafe, one of Manchester UK's finest live music venues, with fantastic new presenters Gerard McLaughlin and Cara Doyle at the helm, we bring you the freshest sounds of the UK's most musical city(tm)!

Prepare to be enthralled by the calculated cool of Josephine Oniyama's new century folk, the expressive grandeur of The Boy Lacks Patience (think Ben Folds meets Tori Amos), the fast-fingered funk of Mike Rapheal, crowned Prince of acoustic funk and soul and the amazing new uber-folk experience that is the The Green Tree Riot (formerly known as The Urban Folk Collective). Then be tickled by the vivacious banter between our sassy presenters!

This is Real, this is Fresh and this is the bees knees in portable TV!
In the words of presenter Gerard McLaughlin "Let's have some poddertainment!"